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​-Thoughts of Sansai-

​Sansai Kobo Co., Ltd. President

Hiroshi Sako

After graduating from Kimoto High School in Mie Prefecture, he dropped out of college due to family circumstances. Joined Kashiwagi Kogei in Kyoto.

Engaged in the production of numerous Kyo-Yuzen patterns as a suri-Yuzen engraver, and became independent in 1994.

With the motto "There is nothing that I cannot do", I have continued to meet the various requests of many customers.

To date, we have received various awards such as “Traditional Craftsman”, “Future Master Craftsman”, and “Kyoto Master Craftsman”.

2003 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Certified Kyoto Yuzen Traditional Craftsman   Technique: Suri Yuzen Sculpture

2011 Kyoto City Certified Traditional Industry “Future Master Craftsman” Technique: Suri-Yuzen Sculpture

2020 Kyoto Prefecture Certified "Kyoto Master Craftsman" Technique: Suri Yuzen Sculpture

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