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Original product production/price list





φ27.5cm domestic plug tree is used.
Flexible design
can be expressed.

​-Service flow-


​Product selection

​Plate/tableware/wooden box

・Select and specify the type of product you want to create.

*It is possible to bring your own materials.
However, since some materials are processed for the first time, please agree to the condition that no compensation will be requested. Please note.

Click here for details on each material →


​Wooden box

​Plate material


​Pattern selection
​Data submission

・Select our Yuzen pattern
・Bringing in data
・Original data production

・When bringing in data,
Please submit your manuscript with the extension .psd or .ai.
*If there are any corrections after confirming the contents at our company,
Please note that a separate fee may be charged for data correction.
・Original data can be created at our company.
・It is also possible to add our Yuzen pattern to the submitted data. Please contact us if you are interested.

​*Please note that the price may vary depending on the detail and size of the data.


Option selection

・Coloring (craft lacquer or genuine lacquer)
・Name engraving

​・Products can be colored or personalized.


​Number presentation

​・The minimum lot number differs for each product.


​Product delivery

After confirming your order, it will be shipped within about 20 to 90 days.
​*May vary depending on the stock availability and processing method for each product.

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