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It will be a full-fledged work by President Hiroshi No.

After 40 years of jumping into the world of Kyo-Yuzen, we have made full use of our experience and technical skills, which have led us to receive the Kyoto Master Craftsman Award. Borrow it and it will be a completed supreme gem.

​Yuzen carved lacquer panel


​Unbori Flock of Birds Flight

■ Feelings
Today, crows tend to be treated as sinister and evil creatures, and as nuisances that devour food waste, but in ancient times, crows received revelation from the god of the sun in the mountains of Hyuga and struggled to fight Nagasunehiko. In the past, he was given the title of Yatagarasu by the emperor for leading the way from Kishu-Kumano to Yamato, and was valued as a capable messenger. .

In sculpting the raven this time, I am sculpting it as a divine messenger about to jump out of the cloud door.

In these days when people tend to stay at home due to the corona crisis, I hope that you will entrust your worries, stress, and uneasy feelings to Karasu and enjoy your days, hoping that you will return to your pre-corona life.

■ Story
The carving was a very large piece of wood, so it took three full days to carve it all. The work of dividing the data and matching it perfectly was quite difficult.
From there, multiple layers of black lacquer are applied, and tin is used to express a metallic feel.
Each raven has a different expression, and the person in charge gives each one a name and paints it with great care.
It will be a work of the whole body created by a large number of craftsmen.

¥1,000,000 (excluding tax)



■ Feelings

Vikings are pirates wearing helmets and warriors who work to plunder, and this work is designed with yukata, imagining the door that welcomes them after they have finished their voyage.

The legendary Viking door that still remains today is sculpted in my own style and then painted over with real lacquer and iron powder. We hope that you will be able to revive the eternal history and feel the work that combines strength and kindness.

■ Story

The reason why I decided to create this product is that the newly introduced machine made it possible to create large sculptures, so I wanted to create large works.

Like the raven, this work also took several days to complete the carving.

For the finish, many layers of black lacquer mixed with iron powder are layered to express a metallic feel, and the edges are painted with gold paint, making it a work that shows the craftsman's "specialty".

​This is also a work of art made by many craftsmen.

¥1,000,000 (excluding tax)

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