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​Business description

-Providing inherited traditions to society as new added value-

Kyo-Yuzen stencil production began in earnest in the Meiji period, and the 4th generation of the company inherited the cutting stencil technique from Mr. Ito, who was active in Omiya (Kyoto) in the early Showa period.
We expanded our business to respond to the times and social conditions, such as the introduction of silk screen plate making and PC data production in addition to cutting molds.
Our strength is that we can combine the technology we have inherited with other technology and provide it to our customers as a new service.



The technique of engraving molds by hand

​Using small knives and round cones, craftsmen with over 50 years of experience create each one carefully.

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Technology for converting kimono designs into data

Create inkjet data from designs received from customers

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​Technology to transfer Yuzen pattern to special film

​Using a printing stand, the pattern printed on the film is transferred to the film.

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Technology that utilizes the design of Kata Yuzen

Applying laser engraving to woodwork by utilizing the design cultivated through data production so far

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