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own brand
Product manufacturing and sales

Made by a Kyoto Yuzen dyeing company
Tableware and interior accessories with Kyo-Yuzen pattern

We are a company called Kata-ya in the world of Kyo-Yuzen.
One of the dyeing methods of Kyo Yuzen is stencil dyeing.
Kata-ya's stencil literally means a stencil for a dyed pattern.

Kyo Yuzen is a pattern dyeing that was born in the Genroku era.

The history of stencil dyeing Yuzen began in the Meiji era.
These methods have been widely used in the dyeing of kimonos.
We carry on that tradition and
I am still making dyed molds in Kyoto.

The products of the tableware interior brand "Sansai"

It contains the essence of stencil dyeing yuzen.
We utilize our skills and experience as a mold shop,
We will continue to manufacture products that are familiar to modern lifestyles and are familiar to many people.

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