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Yuzen three-dimensional panel

While creating tableware, I wanted to express the world view of Kata Yuzen in the space, so I created a three-dimensional panel.

By decorating it in the room as an interior, it was designed to add to the warmth of the wood and create an elegant atmosphere.

By engraving and cutting each piece of wood with different patterns, we devised ways to create depth. By doing this, it will be a product that has a craftsmanship that has been made with time and effort.


​All the chrysanthemums

■ Story
"I want to make something big"
Creating a three-dimensional panel that started with a light thought.
This product was created by thinking every day about how to create a product that can be used as an interior decoration.
In order to create depth, we use several wooden boards.
We considered adding color to the wood, but due to a strong request from our employees who wanted the wood to feel the warmth of the wood, this product is finished with an oil finish.
Using the design used in Kyo-Yuzen, each piece was carefully finished one by one, and when I hung it on the wall, the innocent space turned into a stylish space.

¥100,000 (excluding tax)


​ Yuzen exhaustion

■ Story

"There is something unsatisfactory with just chrysanthemums"

​This product is newly created with these president's words.

​In addition to chrysanthemums, various patterns such as plums, bamboos, and peonies have been added so that you can feel more like Kyo Yuzen.

When I changed the wood as a test, the color changed to a different color from that of Kikuzukushi, so it will be a product that allows you to feel the warmth of a different tree.

​The design is devised so that the peony appears to come out in front.

¥100,000 (excluding tax)

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